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Strangers We Have Known

(The Page Poets Series)

Strangers We have Known is a collection of sixty-some-odd poems, some odd, some aiming right or left of odd. Some alight on, or take flight from the minuscule matters of life, like the writing of a word in cursive. Others root in grander matters, like the birth of the universe, the birth of Earth. In between are all the pedestrian, jejune, quotidian other matters of life so important at the moment they are importuning.

     Late December

Sun, the old same sun
lies low, almost below
its south. Cows
begin to low, begin
to wander home.
The old stallion,
once the steed, later for a time
the stud, shambles
slow toward the trough
corral, and barn
halt, stops to rest
and looks his chestnut eyes at me
as if saying something sounding like
You too, now.

Verse collection from Northern California poet and author John Briscoe. This book is Number 14 in The Page Poets Series. The Page Poets Series from fmsbw Press was conceived by friends on a bright day in a dark corner of The Page bar on Divisadero Street in San Francisco. They are publishers of important Northern California poets whose work excites them.